In his endeavour to do world evangelism, Apostle Alexander couldn’t help but notice the needy, the destitute, the less privileged children and Women. He has travelled extensively in the lowest parts of Africa and he has listened to their story.

The Ambassador's Purse Foundation comes as a miracle to their lives of many and to the community at large, its a non-profit faith-based organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of child poverty by giving deprived, excluded and vulnerable children access to information, Food, Clean water, Sanitation facilities, Healthcare Services, Shelter and formal education and information.

The Ambassadors’ Purse Foundation is a ministry of Apostle Alexander M Kakembo to Children living in the forgotten places of Africa, to give them hope and a future. From the inception, the Foundation through the network of missionaries, volunteers and partners have provided food, clothing, medicine, education and accommodation to children who live in especially difficult circumstances in several villages in Uganda and in several other locations in Africa.

Stella and Charlotte believe that children in every community have a right to education, the elderly have a right to basic needs of life even when they are too weak to work for these needs, and we want the elderly to age with grace

They believe that women should be treated with respect as per God’s plan that is stipulated clearly in the Word of God, they work to end abuses that women experience in their families and communities, they also advocate for women rights as indicated in the word of God. The main goal is to have a safe environment for women so that they may blossom and freely and exercise their gifts, talents and skills.

They also seek to empower the youth in different aspects of live demonstrating God’s love for them and making them believe that they are assets instead of liabilities.

Our Dedicated Team

Director of Operations.

Stella Kakembo Nakiwala has a great passion for the gospel to be preached, she exhibits great love for God’s people. She believes that children in every community have a right to education and if they are empowered and natured they can do exploits and wonders. Children have a special place in her heart.

Stella and her husband travel to remotes places where the Lord commands them to go for the work of the ministry.

She is an electrical engineer by profession.

Programmes Coordinator.

Mulekatete Charlotte is one of the founding members of Gospel Ambassadors Ministries, her philosophy is “God loves a cheerful giver, to help children and give them hope is what everybody should live for” together as a ministry she has travelled extensively in the remote places. She has an overwhelming love for Children.

She is a medical nurse by profession.