We would be honoured to accept speaking engagements for Apostle Alexander to conduct a weekly service, conference or Gospel Crusade. As an Apostle, Alexander’s passion is to preach the Gospel and to equip the body of Christ to see those around them saved, healed, delivered and set free by the power of the Holy Spirit.

He has had the privilege of seeing God pour out His spirit around the world, confirming the Gospel message with signs following and his desire is to see the body of Christ move in this same power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. Together, we can see this world changed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit!

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In 2008, God called Apostle Alexander to carry the message of Salvation and Deliverance to his people, in 2013 Gospel Ambassadors Ministries was born.

Apostle Alexander with the team believes that the primary focus of the ministry is to preach the Gospel message of Jesus Christ in some of the most unreached places on the planet; primarily going to countries or place that are less privileged to receive the gospel. This vision has taken the team to the most remote places of different countries both on the local and international level.

Thousands have come to Christ in our mass evangelistic campaigns. Although our primary focus is to preach the Gospel and lead the masses to Christ, we believe that all evangelism must lead people into the local churches for discipleship. We believe that evangelism without discipleship is not real evangelism. This is why we work closely with the local churches for each crusade that particular country or area, ensuring that every new believer is followed up with and as a result, churches are being planted and new believers are flooding the local churches to be disciplined after each crusade.


our vision is to carry out as many Gospel Crusades as the Lord can enable us in the year in the most unreached places of the earth. In order to do this, we use a 4 phase plan. This plan is got from the world renown evangelistic ministries of our times. It's effective easy to follow and brings tremendous results.

1. Pre-Crusade Planning

We organize every Gospel Crusade months and even up to one year in advance. With the help of our local crusade coordinators on the ground in these places, a team is built to organize all aspects of the crusade including venue and equipment rental, staging, lighting, promotion, logistics, local church mobilization and transportation for the poor from surrounding villages.

2. Fundraising By Faith

To conduct these campaigns, we walk by faith each step of the way to raise the necessary finances. This is the part where we believe as a ministry that without God and the people like you that he uses we cannot hold such crusades. They are expensive and each location has different needs so the cost varies from location to location. These crusades are not possible without our monthly partners, businesses and supporting churches. If you would like to partner with us, please click on the donate button.

3. Gospel Message

Each crusade is conducted over four to five consecutive nights and usually ends on a Sunday night with the attendance at its largest. Sometimes we could even go for a week or two weeks. A clear message of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ is preached and what He has done for us on the cross. An altar call for salvation follows the preaching of the Gospel each night. We also pray for the sick to be healed and for the baptism of the Holy Spirit at each Gospel Campaign.

4. Follow-Up

We believe that all evangelism MUST lead the new believer into the local church to be disciplined. At the end of each night, decision cards from each new believer are collected, which includes their contact information. The very next day after the crusade, these decision cards are distributed to the local churches near the homes of the new believers. The church will then follow-up with them to ensure that they are disciplined.

This is the same method that Evangelists Billy and Franklin Graham have used for many years. This is also the same method that Evangelists Reinhard Bonnke, Daniel Kolenda, and Evangelist Chris Mikkelson use today and is by far the best method for ensuring that each new believer is ushered into a church and is disciplined. Through the local Church, we do Water baptism.

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